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Client Testimonials

I came to Julie for coaching following redundancy, which in itself was challenging but added to this it was in the midst of the incredibly challenging ‘Covid-19’ recruitment market. I'd already been out of work for several months and needed to work through several inter-related areas to help boost my confidence, explore potential new avenues and help shape the direction of my next step. 

I found Julie really easy to trust and open up to which allowed us to dive quickly into the root of some of the areas I wanted to work on.  Her questioning was well-balanced allowing me to come up with the answers myself, prodding me when needed, to help stimulate thought.  She offered a personalised programme which was super-timely allowing me to attack the right challenge at the right time, so that I am now in a position to move forward in my new role.  I gained confidence where I needed it and was able to broaden my thoughts, put issues to bed and turn negatives into positives.  I felt empowered at the end of each session and was supported by Julie to create achievable action plans. And ultimately I was able to finish our series of sessions ready and equipped for my next role. 

Kate, Media Professional

Julie has always been very professional in her work for our organisation ensuring that she understands the goals for each project, drawing out the impact required, so that we can identify a return on investment.  She has successfully coached and mentored our staff at all levels including heads of department and senior managers supporting them in their professional roles.  She was a key player on our Talent Development Scheme, arranging speakers, events and coaching individuals across the programme.  She has also created a varied Aspiring Manager programme with a clear focus on our sector, ensuring buy-in and support from line managers, identifying opportunities to practise key skills as well as mentoring individuals.  She is very organised and communicates regularly with sponsors keeping them updated on the project brief. I have no hesitation in recommending her to work with both individuals and organisations.


Ian, HR Director 

"Coaching has completely developed my mindset about how I approach and develop myself as a leader and bring about impactful change in my work."

Louise Skoll

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