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Achieve Your Goals

'Coaching to bring success, clarity and fulfilment to your professional life'

Coaching Sessions for Individuals

Free Initial Consultation


I offer a free 45 minute consultation to discuss what you want to achieve and to help you establish if I am the right coach for you.  Typically coaching consists of six sessions of about an hour to an hour and a half but each programme is tailored to suit individual needs. Coaching can take place on my premises near Maidstone, Kent or by Zoom.

Coaching Sessions

At the initial coaching session, we both sign a confidentiality agreement and I use a range of tools to help you identify your goals for the programme.  Prior to each session, you decide which aspect you want to focus on.  Through a coaching conversation, we will identify what is happening currently and what has worked so far.  I act as a facilitator using questioning techniques and resources to support you identify options for a way forward and create a plan of action. 


Coaching works on the basis that when the client identifies the solution, they are far more likely to follow through with it.  This builds confidence and creates a very positive and developmental experience.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is also personalised to suit your requirements using questioning techniques and resources to help you identify effective approaches to accomplish career success. It often includes identifying strengths and transferable skills, considering your motives and key values, aspects you are prepared to compromise on and those you are not.  We can review your unrealised strengths identifying how you could use more of what you enjoy doing and less of what you find draining.   We can work together to realise and utilise your network to support you with your career change, making it a less daunting prospect than it might seem!


Clients may want support considering the best CV layouts to use, creating an impactful career summary and focusing on achievements rather than duties.  Having been a recruiter myself, we consider what an employer is looking for on an application form and ways to maximise opportunities to be shortlisted. Some clients require support preparing for interview including considerations for Zoom/video interviews. 


Working with clients to identify key learning from both application and interview feedback, we turn the feeling of rejection into a positive way to develop expertise for future occasions. Contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss a personalised programme to suit your needs. 


Sessions cost £45 for general coaching and £55 for career coaching per hour.  There may be concessions available, for instance, for those who have been made redundant.  Whilst many coaches expect you to buy a package, I find that is more helpful for clients to 'pay as they go' which allows them to set their own pace for the programme.

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Image by Mimi Thian

Coaching and Mentoring for Organisations

I also work with organisations to develop coaching and mentoring programmes for members of staff.  As a coach, mentor and trainer delivering both management and soft skills, I seek to help each individual be the best that they can be.  I establish with the organisation or business concerned  what impact they are seeking and we identify a suitable programme to maximise return on investment. 

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